Jul 072014
July 4th WAT Racing Car Meet

WAT Racing members traveled from around the US to meet at E36m3′s house in Illinois.  Some of the people in attendance were Bromaro, 4.9, Marked, 88TA, myself and several others. I arrived on Friday afternoon and met up with Marked and 88TA. We checked each other’s cars out and talked while the others arrived throughout [...]

Jun 272014
    Waterford Hills OTD 6/22/14

With my CRX running so poorly I had to try figuring out what was causing the issues we were experencing I ended up swapping Ecus, distributors and re-flowing the solder joints on my main relay The car was running good again, Finally! Here is a couple videos from the track day In the first video [...]

Jun 202014
Waterford Hills Race weekend 2

I want to keep this post short as the videos really speak for them selves. My goal this weekend was really to push myself to stay near the front of the pack. unfortunately my engine decided to develop some issues and that is not how things went. A short Clip that sort of explains how [...]

Oct 312013
Nisei Showoff Stance|Nation Colab show 2013

To be honest I had no clue I would be attending the show let alone working the event until a week before it happened. So I figured it would give me a chance to try out my new camera. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out in the end. .

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